It’s Saturday October, 3rd.  A beautiful, Fall day, and it’s finally cooling off. You’re looking forward to spending the morning showing a handful of properties to a long time friend who has signed on as a client.

The question is – “Do you have a lender to help your friend, that you know can navigate a closing under the new TRID regulations?”

Do you have a lender to partner with when your buyer pulls out a Bank of America prequalification letter? Someone to go into specific detail with you when you’re telling them it might not be the best idea, but they’re just not understanding why?

We all know this is the biggest change to hit our industry since 2010. Granted, it will be a learning curve for everyone. For lenders who were already struggling to make a 30 day close though, it’s going to be a long and bumpy road.

At Southwest Funding, we’re getting ready. If you need someone you can trust, to partner with while we navigate these changes, give me a call, and let’s make a plan!