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If you’ve talked to me, or have visited other pages on my site, you’ll know that I brag about being the best at what I do. That’s what allows me to provide a special experience for my clients. But don’t take my word for it – take theirs.

Reviews and Testimonials for Jones Group Southwest Funding

I am truly blessed!! So thankful to Brandon Jones for giving me the best pricing and attention!

Southwest Funding Reviews - Julia – Jones Group Southwest Funding Review – Julia Flores

After selling our condo, We were in the market for a loan to purchase our first Home. Brandon, besides being very thorough explaining the ins and outs of the new regs, he also offered a very competitive quote. We received quotes from 5 lenders, Brandon came ahead in both, interest rates and closing costs. I can’t thank him enough for making home buying a great and exciting experience.

Southwest Funding Reviews - Hector and Vanessa – Jones Group Southwest Funding Review- Hector & Vanessa Giacinti 

Brandon is ON TOP of his game! He does an EXCELLENT job of communicating with buyers breaking the mortgage lingo down in easy to understand terms. He answers his phone each and every time and keeps all parties informed of the timelines as buyers move through the lending process. Recommend him? YES Hands down!!!! He is of the VERY BEST out there!todd-profile-2


– Todd Evans of Texas Twisted Realty, Longview, TX

Mr. Jones….absolutely brilliant.Thank you for making the mortgage process a breeze and actually fun. We wouldn’t have won that bid without the personalized cover letter your created for the seller with our offer!

Southwest Funding Reviews - Anthony and Maegan  – Anthony & Maegan Brown

I compared the cost, and process with companies such as Bank of America, Chase, and Capital One. The bigger banks had stringent policies and it was difficult to get a response from someone when you needed advice. I decided to go with Southwest Funding not only because Brandon walked me through the entire process and outlined everything from start to finish, but also because of his ability to respond quickly whenever I needed his help. It took me a couple months to find the right house, but he did not hesitate to answer any questions I had even though there was a possibility I might not even find the right place. He explained everything in laymen terms and I was not left in the dark. I could even reach him after work hours. Brandon made the whole process so easy that I was surprised at how painless the whole home buying process turned out.

Southwest Funding Reviews - Brandon  – Brandon Cheung 

For anyone currently house hunting, or know of someone looking to buy, Molly and I just closed our home with help from our terrific realtor, Kyle Bradshaw, and lender, Brandon Jones. We faced seemingly every possible issue during the process, and they helped guide us through every step of the way. Go check them out if you’re looking in the Dallas area!

Southwest Funding Reviews - Colin and Molly  – Colin & Molly Dubois 

Brandon is fantastic! He and his team are absolutely excellent. He is always accessible, friendly, andabove all – patient! Brandon made the process painless, despite bumps in the road. I would recommend Brandon to anyone!

Chamberlain Closing


– Richard & Samantha Chamberlain

I have referred my clients to Brandon many times and always will. Top notch customer service!



– Kyle Bradshaw of Rogers Healy

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