Get Your Offer Accepted

In DFW, and many parts of the country, we are in a fast-moving market. Many properties end up with multiple offers, sometimes in only a matter of hours of hitting the market (or before).

I partner with your agent, to make sure you are submitting an offer that’s as attractive as possible, and that it gets the consideration it deserves. Sellers (their agents anyway), want to be as confident as possible in a buyer’s ability to close, if they’re going to tie up the seller’s home under a month long contract.  They’ve all been burned too many times, by deals that have fallen through the day before closing.

I use a variety of strategies, that have proven successful in helping agents get approved offers – including prequalifiaction letters detailed for the specific property, buyer bios, and custom video summaries. Where appropriate and possible, I also work with you to move your prequalification to a fully underwritten preapproval (see Prequalification vs. Preapproval), in order to save time and make your offer stand out even more.