Below is a list of up-front documents that I will ultimately need.  Upon further review of your file and/or underwriting, there will likely be a few more things I will need to ask you for.  Every scenario is different, and if I requested everything that we could possibly need, the list would be enormous.

If there are items on the list that you don’t have immediate access to, let me know. Some things are absolutely necessary up-front, other things we can potentially set up alternative timelines for.

Everything can be delivered through email, fax, or via my secure document upload center (Secure Document Upload). For IDs and simple documents, I normally recommend a free app called “Cam Scanner.”


  • 2015 & 2016 Tax Returns and W2s. Business and personal, all pages, all schedules, and any applicable K1s. If you are operating on an extension, please include a copy of the filed extension. The W2 isn’t considered part of the tax return, so if you had your taxes professionally prepared, it is unlikely to be in the packet from your accountant. You’ll want to check your records, or get a copy from your employer.
  • Latest 40 days of pay stubs.
  • Latest two months’ asset/bank statements (or latest quarter if issued quarterly). These will need to be actual account statements, as opposed to screen prints/recent transactions.  An actual statement will always have a defined time period (i.e. 9/4 – 10/3), and should list the account owner’s name and address, the name and address of the institution, and the account number.  All pages must be included, even if they are blank. It is important that no information be redacted, including the account number.
  • Copy of Social Security card and Driver’s License, front and back.
  • Mortgage statement, insurance statement, tax statement, and HOA statement (where applicable) for any real estate currently owned.
  • Copy of purchase contract (if you have one already) for subject property
  • If selling an existing property, a copy of the purchase contract for that transaction if it’s pending. If you have already sold, please provide a copy of the HUD-1 or Closing Disclosure.