Business Owners/Self-Employed

Mortgage Applications for Business Owners &Self Employed Borrowers

If you are a business owner, or work in a 1099 scenario, you should only trust your application to the most qualified lenders.

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I specialize in working with self-employed borrowers, aSenior man who owns a house painting business in his shop.nd I have worked with all sizes and structures of business across DFW and East Texas. I’ve successfully closed deals for clients with annual revenue in the tens of millions. I understand the taxing and accounting principals necessary to maximize profits, and can get deals closed that your average call center employee wouldn’t begin to understand. Being basically self employed myself, I know the challenges and obstacles you face, as well as the freedom and sense of accomplishment that you get from building and growing your business that keeps you going.  Sometimes the lending environment can present business owners with a whole new set of challenges.

Few things make it easier to separate the best lenders from the worst than when it comes time to work with a borrower who has a complicated business structure and complex tax returns.  You want to work with a loan officer that knows how to correctly translate you financials into qualified income streams that can lead to an approval for the home you’ve worked so hard for. I incorporate my years of experience, working to get deals done for business owners, with wide selection of programs offered by Southwest Funding and our wholesale partners. These include powerful resources such as programs allowing for one year of tax returns instead of two, and alternative documentation programs that allow us to calculate income streams based on gross deposits, when necessary.

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