It’s an unfortunate reality, but things don’t always work out like we want. Many times, when there’s a divorce, people make decisions without fully understanding their options, and their consequences.

When I have the opportunity to speak with clients before a divorce is finalized, I can make sure they’re working on a viable solution with their attorney. For example, I see many divorce decrees where a spouse has been ordered to take the property and mortgage, and in turn cash out a portion of the equity to make the other spouse whole – but the spouse taking over can’t get approved for financing, or there’s not really enough equity to accomplish what the decree orders.

Texas also has tricky rules on taking equity out of a property, and many divorced home owners end up with the wrong type of lien on their property – a Texas 50a6, due to how their refinance was handled – once in place, this  stays there until the home is paid in full or sold.  I can structure the deal properly, and partner with an experienced title company, to make sure this doesn’t happen to your client.